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Why (and How) I Blocked the Access on YouTube for the Entire House

Hello, Husband here.

Wifey and I decided to block the YouTube access for the entire house. Don’t get us wrong, we are not control freaks, but it is better to block the service instead of forbidding the kid to watch certain videos.

The little kid is watching all sorts of stupid videos on YouTube and drives us nuts sometimes. I know he’s five, but why does he have to watch videos of people playing different games and shouting while doing it? And the shouts are so loud… Annoyingly loud.

While doing it, I also have added on my hater list at least three YouTubers last week.

In the past month, I had also learned new things about a few of the creeps from the horror movies: Michael Myers (this was new for me), Jason Voorhees (I have Googled the family name for this guy), Freddy Krueger (already knew this dude), Chucky (the doll that had kept me from sleeping when I was little) and Siren Head (he is also new – this is a tall, metallic and dumb monster with sirens on his head). Also, I have watched a lot of Minecraft, Fortnite and Among Us videos lately.

Let’s return to the article’s main topic. Blocking YouTube on the entire network. Instead of forbidding him to watch videos bad for his age, we preferred to block the platform completely. We both know that small kids tend to always bend the rules.

child watching tv
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Our family has 3 laptops, 3 mobile phones, and one PlayStation 3. I needed a solution to block the access on all the devices. At first, I wanted to block YouTube on each device, in order to be able to temporarily disable the restrictions when I needed to access the service. Unfortunately, this did not go according to the initial plan.

It was very easy on the PlayStation. I blocked YT on PS3 by adding a custom and more restrictive DNS ( – TubeHax DNS), as per this thread on Reddit. The solution worked very smoothly. Next, I toyed around with a few Android applications that block YouTube, but I did not find any good solution to achieve my goal.

I know how to block YouTube via the hosts file on the laptops, but I did not find any good YT blocker for Android, so I decided to block the service at the router level. I have googled a little about whether my FritzBox supports this or not and found this article. I accessed the router and it took me 10 minutes to block YouTube.

How I did this? I will explain in the below lines (maybe it helps you too).

How To Block YouTube on your router

The idea is very simple. All you have to do is to add the YouTube servers to a blacklist and apply the blacklist for the main network. The servers are:

The instructions also work on different routers that have a blacklist function.

Optional: To undo the changes, remove the above links from the blacklist setup on the router.

How to block YouTube on your computer

If you need to block YT on your Windows computer, do the following:

Open This PC (My Computer)

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Copy the hosts file on your desktop

Right-click the hosts file and open it with Notepad

Copy and paste the below lines in your file (at the bottom of the file):

Save the changes made in the file and copy it back to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Replace the existing file with the new one. Press Yes to confirm changes if required.

Optional: To remove the YT restrictions, navigate again to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, copy the hosts file on the desktop, delete the added lines with Notepad and paste it back in its original location, replacing the old file.

Also worth mentioning, I am a tech support specialist, and I am quite familiar with technology and computers. Still, the tutorials I have linked provide detailed instructions and require little technical abilities.

Our house is so quiet now! We are so happy that we got rid of all those random dudes that scream all day long. Instead, the kid watches adequate content on Netflix and Amazon Prime (he does not have any choice – hihi).

adults watching netflix
Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

Later Edit: This YT blocking method done at router level has also blocked Google Play Store. To bypass this, I have created a new network on the router, one that does not have any restriction. When I need to watch videos on Youtube (when the kid is sleeping), I move to the second network.