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What I Learned After Adding 10 Designs To Amazon Merch And Getting 0 Sales

My husband & I decided to toy with different print-on-demand platforms. I work as a graphic designer so I have the skills required to draw or design things and he is good with computers, SEO, and blogs. While we know almost nothing about POD, we considered that we have the right skills to have success with designing T-shirts. We watched half of a POD course on Udemy and decided to start the business. We are crazy, right?

We are currently focusing on RedBubble (link to the 99XP RedBubble Shop) and Amazon Merch (links for the Amazon DE, and Amazon UK shops).

This is what we have learned so far about designing T-Shirts and uploading them to Amazon Merch

amazon merch learn
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

#1 When you are Tier-10 you can upload to the shop a maximum of 10 products. One product is, for example, one Standard T-Shirt, sold on one market. A Standard T-Shirt and a V-Neck T-Shirt sold on Amazon DE and Amazon UK = 4 products. You can add them one by one, on different days.

#2 If the text from your design is multicolor, it will most likely not look good combined with many T-shirt colors. The rainbow-colored text will be compatible with two-three colors maximum. You should know this from the beginning.

#3 Pay attention when you select the products you add to your shop. For example, if you choose V-neck, your T-shirt will be available only for women (because V-Neck is for women). I know that men also like V-Neck clothing, but Amazon does not think so. It is awkward to design a product for men, but sell it for women.

#4 If you are Tier-10 and have the possibility to upload only 10 products, add them to a market that delivers to your address with free transport fees. It is a good strategy to buy 10 of your products to reach Tier-25, to be able to add 25 designs.

#5 Pay attention to what colors you use. Your text should look very well on the background color of your T-shirt. The unclear text will not sell any T-shirts.

#6 If you cannot sell a product in two weeks, don’t hesitate to remove it and replace it with another one.

#7 Once a design is live, you cannot modify the product it is printed on. You can only change the description and the price. If you want to replace a V-Neck sold on the UK market with a Standard T-Shirt sold in Germany, you need to remove the product entirely and upload a new one.

#8 T-shirts do not get sold by themselves. It’s not that easy, you don’t get rich with 10 designs. If you are a local brand and you have Social Media followers, you can boost your sales easily. Otherwise, you will struggle.

#9 While in Tier-10, you should not have high hopes. If you can, ask your friends to buy your designs or give them as gifts or giveaways. 10 products sold gets you to Tier-25, which means that you can add 25 designs to the shop.

#10 At first, focus on selling products to reach a superior tier. Add a small commission to your products. When you are Tier-10, your focus should be on reaching Tier-25, not on making profit.

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