The Top 5 Graphic Designers of This Year

Are you wondering who are those designers which go with the flow of this year? Here you have what you asked for: See the Top 5 graphic designers of 2021 and let yourself inspired by them!

If you love graphic design, then you know that a good way to learn more is to let yourself inspired by those who advanced the field of design. I love to follow and share the work of some famous designers, and today I chose five of them to let you know their names, their work, and their influence.

#1 Lauren Hom

Laurem Hom top graăhic designer 2021
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Lauren Hom is a designer and hand lettering artist currently based in Detroit. She picked up hand lettering as a hobby while studying advertising at the School of Visual Arts, and over the next few years, she leveraged a few clever passion projects into a thriving freelance business. Lauren loves to share what she has learned through her online courses and free resources on her blog. Lauren is also running #HOMwork (a free weekly creative challenge) 

Her motto is, and will always be, “Work hard, snack often.” After almost a decade in the design industry, she realized that working hard all the time isn’t sustainable. In 2023, Lauren plan on attending culinary school to expand her creative skill set and explore the intersection of graphic arts and culinary arts.

#2 Luke Choice

Luke choice graphic designer
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He is very well-known for his expertise in 3D and typographic design. Luke creates dreamlike ambiance and colorful structures that intend to push the boundaries of reality and pull you through to another dimension.  Luke Choice has over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, working both independently and at some of the world’s leading creative agencies in Sydney, London, and New York. He founded Velvet Spectrum in 2014 to further develop his style and evolve his beautiful ability to tell and create visual stories. 

His diverse portfolio is firmly conclusively proved in the commercial and editorial art worlds ranging from 3D typography to VR/AR experiences and mural design.  Luke went to design conferences and creative outlets around the world as a featured artist and speaker. Most recently, sharing the Main Title Sequence at OFF F Sevilla and participating in a panel discussion at Comic-Con in San Diego.

#3 David Airey

David Airey branding studio

David Airey runs an independent branding studio in Northern Ireland, working with clients worldwide. HE is a designer of enduring logos and visual identity, and his creativity helps to improve businesses through distinctive, meaningful, and emotive design.

David Airey is also a writer, and brand consultant, hired by clients of all sizes, from multinationals to companies of one. He created logos and visual identities for brands in more than 30 countries and continues to amaze the design world with his beautiful work.

#4 Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi - Tanamachi graphic designer
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Dana Tanamachi is a New York City-based artist and designer. She has been working globally with clients such as Nike, USPS, Penguin Books, Ralph Lauren, Instagram, and West Elm. Dana has had the distinct honor of creating custom cover art for O, HOW, and TIME Magazines. 

In 2009, Dana had her first commission for Google and set the popular chalk-lettering trend. Then she opened Tanamachi Studio, a boutique design studio specializing in custom typography and illustration for editorial, lifestyle, food, and fashion brands. 

#5 Gavin Strange

Gavin Strange is a Director & Designer for the British creative studio Aardman. Working there for over a thirteen years, his creative output ranges motion graphic title sequences for the OFF F festival and Shaun the Sheep feature film, live-action channel indents for BBC Two and mixed media Christmas films for Fortnum & Mason. Gavin’s most recently directed stop-frame short film (multi-award winning!) ‘Turtle Journey’, for Greenpeace about the plight of the oceans.

His work is diverse in nature and all held together of a common thread of fun and high energy.

Gavin Strange - jam factory founder top graphic design artist
Photo source: thegratdiscontent

Of course, there are a lot more famous graphic designers, hundreds in fact, and each has made significant contributions to graphic design. Therefore,  I think that the importance of learning design from the best cannot be overstated. For this reason, I hope this post gave you a drop of inspiration from graphic design artists of 2021.

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