I Was My Husband’s Personal Hairdresser And We Both Had A Lot of Fun During The Process


First of all, I want to say that my husband is a courageous man for letting me take him a haircut. Just think about the fact that I never cut hair before. I only used scissors for regular things.

But when it comes to trying new things, I never say no. And if I can’t do it right, at least I get the chance to experience it. This time I almost fainted from laughing.

His hair was growing, and everyone except me was telling him to get a haircut. He has gorgeous hair, and I really like the way he wears it. But despite this, I said, “Let’s cut a little, so you don’t look like you have a bowl on your head.” I claimed I would just cut a little around the ears, and that’s it.

The first impediment was that we didn’t have barber scissors, and I didn’t want to make him a new haircut with the kitchen scissors. So we ordered a set of professional scissors, and I used those. I got the urge to make him a new haircut at midnight, in the kitchen.

I covered his body with the gown. At that moment, I felt like the coolest hairstylist in the world. Jen Atkin was an amateur compared to me. I started cutting as if I were Edward Scissorhands! A little from here, a little from there, a little from everywhere (this was the moment when he got scared but didn’t say a word about it). I didn’t even look at what I was cutting exactly. The scissors were cutting so well, and I had the impression that they will make him a super hairstyle on auto-pilot.

At one point, I stopped the mowing to measure the haircut “balance.” And the balance was nowhere. Hir haircut looked as if several hedgehogs had made their nests on my husband’s head. I burst into hysterical laughter as he looked at me without any surprise. The idea of ​​”just a little haircut” failed instantly. The problem was that I had no idea what I could do to fix the situation. That was the moment when we both took turns from the kitchen to the bathroom mirror until I managed to straighten his wonderful hair. It’s good that he works from home and he doesn’t have to go to the office. His colleagues cannot see the ununiform haircut on the video calls.

It is clear to me that I have zero experience in the hairdresser’s area, but I tried to do my best. From this entire experience, I learned the following:

#1 you can buy a superset of hair scissors, but if you don’t know how to cut, those scissors won’t take a beautiful haircut on their own.
#2 it is wonderful to live with such a man; a man that knows that you are not good at something but supports you and gives you the chance to experiment (on his head!)
#3 it is awesome to have the ability to laugh out loud when you fail and then do your best to fix it.

#4 do not make haircuts in the kitchen! Never do that, because it’s awful to clean up afterward. (my action was too spontaneous to think about other details)
#5 it would be great to do propper documentation before I start doing something I had never done before.

In the end, it wasn’t bad at all to be my husband’s personal hairdresser, and I want to repeat this experience. I will take advantage of the lockdown and practice (as long as I still have a model). And, who knows, maybe Jen Atkin will be a little kid compared to me. I’m kidding, I’ll stick to the staff I am good at, but it doesn’t hurt to cut my husband’s hair as well as possible. This thing created beautiful memories, and we also save money.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


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