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How I Made My First 20$ With HoneyGain

I have been documenting in the last couple of months a lot about passive income streams.

Besides my graphic design projects, I also create art for products uploaded on RedBubble (link to the 99xp shop on RedBubble) and Amazon Merch (links to the 99xp shop on Amazon UK, Amazon DE, and Amazon US) and write content on Medium as Anna & Ryan.

My husband (who writes content here from time to time) is also helping me with these things, I am the creative half and he is the technical half. He is good with computers and knows a lot of stuff about the internet, SEO, blogging, and stuff like that. We make a really good team actually.

Enough with the blah-blah-blah (and with my husband), let’s return to HoneyGain.

HoneyGain is a cute application that uses your spare internet and gives you cents in exchange for the traffic. Each GB of traffic brings you 100 points in the app, which converts into 0.10$. The application can be downloaded for free and works on Android (you need to enable the “install apps from unknown sources” feature), Windows and Mac OS X.

You can have 2 devices on the same public IP (internet connection), both gaining honey for your jar. As I have noticed, the application is not resource-hungry. It does not use a lot of your internet bandwidth and it does not make your devices run slow.

You will receive the payment on PayPal, when you reach 20$. For the transaction, you will lose 1.4$ (this is not written anywhere on the internet, I know).

A few days ago, I had received my first payment. I had converted my 20 USD in Euro and, after the 1.4 USD cost, I received a total of 14.92 Euro. It’s not a big amount of money, but I did almost nothing for them.

I have installed the application on the 25th of September and received the first payment on the 19th of January.

If you subscribe to the application with my link (https://r.honeygain.me/RAZVA854B7), you will get a 5$ bonus (and need 15$ more, to receive the first payment).

Bringing new people to the platform will help you make more money because you receive a small percentage of their wins.

Also worth mentioning, if you open the app daily, you will receive a bonus, which usually is 20 points (0.02$).

You will not get rich with HoneyGain, but the extra money is always welcome, isn’t it? All you have to do is to install the app and forget about it.

And here are some photos, to take me serious.

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