100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Astonishing Blogging Ideas

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Astonishing Blogging Ideas

Are you out of blogging ideas? This article may help you

We all have those moments when we run out of blogging ideas. That is quite normal. But I am here to help. This piece of content will provide you 100 brilliant things to do when you don’t know what to write about.

I used to be flooded with blogging ideas when I could go out to socialize with my friends. Experiencing social things had the benefit of keeping me inspired. The lockdown destroyed my constant flux of ideas.

Unfortunately, working from home and not going out anymore sabotaged my inspiration, so I switched gears.

When new blogging ideas struck me, I always write them down on my notes application from the phone. I move the notes to my blog’s drafts and delete them completely from the phone from time to time.

I always check out my blog’s drafts when I run out of new blogging ideas. Sometimes, I open a draft and write 2–3 paragraphs only, but that’s a plus compared to nothing. Isn’t it?

By doing things this way, I usually have 3 times more draft blogging ideas than published articles.

Are you ready? Here is a list of blogging ideas I compiled myself.

Generate Content About Blogging

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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1. Optimize and Revise Old Posts

When you run out of blogging ideas, a useful thing you can do is to improve and optimize your old blog posts.

Both new and old articles are important for your blog’s ranking, so do not neglect the content that’s not fresh.

You can also do the following:

  • Improve your articles’ SEO score, update the information that is not accurate anymore, and add new information to your article.
  • Check your Google Analytics stats and find your best-performing content pieces. Those articles are the ones that should be constantly revised and kept up to date.
  • Republishing old content on Social Media will boost your post’s stats and help new people read your content.

2. Audit Your Blog and Improve It Constantly

When you aren’t in the mood for writing, you should audit your blog and improve SEO. Auditing a blog is straightforward if you are using the right tools:

By improving your blog’s overall performance, you will get more traffic and reach new users, which may become loyal readers.

3. Write an Article About the Plugins You Use on Your Blog

A good tip is to write content that can help other bloggers, not just random readers.

Writing an article about the plugins you use on your blog will help you get noticed in the blogosphere and increase your reputation. Being appreciated in your work line is crucial because this can provide you new opportunities and writing gigs.

4. Write Blogging How-to Guides

Blogging how-to guides can also boost your reputation. This type of content is useful for new bloggers and can become viral on Social Media.

Without transforming into a people pleaser, you want people to like you and appreciate your work, don’t you? This type of content helps you achieve just that.

5. Write About the Reasons You Started Blogging

Everybody loves stories, don’t you think?

Writing about the reasons you started blogging will most likely inspire others, both regular readers and bloggers as well.

Also, sharing ups and downs with your public will attract a lot of sympathy.

For example, I started blogging about 15 years ago while in Highschool. I found blogging a nice way to express my feelings and share different experiences with others.

This would provide you a lot of blogging ideas.

6. Offer Actionable Advice About Monetizing the Blog

Everybody wants to make money from their hobbies, eventually. If your blog is making money, share your experience with others.

Provide useful and actionable pieces of advice that will help others make money as well. This type of advice will transform the bloggers that read your blog into loyal fans.

7. Take Part in Blogging Contests

If you want to practice your writing and develop new skills, you should participate in different blogging contests.

This way, you will get your work evaluated, and you will also get the chance to read both worse and better articles than yours.

Writing commercial texts and advertorials will help you learn to perform proper documentation, write articles based on briefs, and respect deadlines.

8. Write Guest Posts on Other Blogs

Writing guest posts will help you promote your own blog to different audiences. This way, you will also gather backlinks to point to your blog and get your name noticed easier.

Guest-posting is a perfect method to consolidate your personal brand and to create brand awareness.

Also, you can write content for different magazines and sites that pay for guest posts to gain extra bucks.

9. Interview Bloggers and Awesome People

If you are out of blogging ideas, you can always interview interesting people. Your readers may find these interviews inspiring and motivating.

This method will provide benefits for both you and the interviewed person.

10. Organize Blogging Contests and Giveaways

Organizing contests and giveaways help you consolidate your brand and attract new readers.

Who doesn’t want to receive free stuff or win awards in exchange for a like and a share on Social Media?

This thing will help you transform regular readers into loyal followers.

11. Perform Proper Documentation for Future Articles

If you are not in the mood for writing and don’t feel inspired, you should not struggle. Instead, you can document trends and find information regarding what you want to write about in the future.

Some tools help you find writing topics. I recommend Keywords Everywhere, a nice tool for discovering new blogging niches and seeing how keywords perform.

Planning and writing sketches and drafts is the behind-the-scenes side of blogging.

12. Answer to Questions Asked on Forums and Facebook Groups

One of the best ways of finding blogging ideas is to monitor forums, Facebook Groups, Reddit Threads, and Quora Spaces.

If you can answer a user’s question, you can write the answer on your blog and post the link on the group or forum. This way, you will get traffic from Social Media, but you will also cover a poorly documented topic on other sites.

This approach can bring you results in both the long and short term.

13. Make a List of Your Favorite Bloggers and Writers

Making a list of your favorite bloggers and writers brings you at least two benefits.

Writing about other blogs will help the promoted bloggers notice you and provide valuable information to your regular readers.

By discovering other bloggers, it does not mean that your readers will stop reading your content. Instead, they will consider you helped them discover other places where they can get valuable information from.

14. Write “News of the Day” and “News of the Week” Articles

The purpose of this type of article is to transform regular readers into fans. By publishing “news of the day” articles at a fixed hour every day, your readers will develop the habit of reading your blog, especially for this type of content.

The “news of the week” articles can be posted every Sunday at the same hour. Sundays are usually low activity days. By doing this, you can easily cover your content for Sundays, and you can drive some traffic to your blog simultaneously.

15. Get Inspired From Other Blogs

Another good way to find blogging ideas is to read blogs and get inspired by other writers.

You can write responses to articles you read on other person’s blogs or write an article on the same topic, mentioning the original post’s source, of course.

This can lead to interacting with other bloggers and will also provide valuable content to your readers. And it’s not stealing.

16. Write an Article About Your Most Clicked Articles

This will help you bring your old viral articles back to life and get noticed by your readers. You should do everything you can to maximize your content’s success, which is one method.

Also, explaining the reasons why your articles went viral is useful for other bloggers as well. Inspiring other bloggers will boost your reputation and will bring awareness to your brand.

17. Write About Your Blogging Mistakes

If you want to help other bloggers, do not hesitate to write about your blogging mistakes.

Maybe they are making the same mistakes you did, and your post will help them fix this. The article should be written positively, with examples of how to do things right.

For example, I neglected the blog’s visual side a lot, which was wrong. Now, I pay a lot of attention to the design and the graphical elements I use in the articles.

18. Share With Your Readers the Milestones Your Blog Had Passed

It is always a good idea to share with your readers the milestones your blog had passed. Also, share the things you want to achieve further.

This will show your readers that you are serious about blogging. Sharing your ambitions may both inspire others and consolidate your personal brand.

Who doesn’t like to follow people with big ambitions?

19. Write Practical Advice Articles About SEO

If you had learned SEO the hard way, share your experience with other bloggers.

This will consolidate your brand and make you be seen as an expert. This type of content has big value because it can bring you opportunities in the future.

Maybe, a company will want to hire you to take care of their SEO… Who knows?

20. Write About the Things You’ve Learned About Social Media

If you have discovered efficient ways to use Social Media, share your secrets with others.

This will help you consolidate your brand and will also bring you opportunities in the long term.

Sharing actionable advice with others will make you seen as a leader and boost your personal brand.

Generate Content About Your Travel Experience

It is always a good idea to write about your trips and the awesome places you visited.

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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21. Write About the Apps and Platforms You Use for Planning Your Trips

I had learned the hard way that good documentation and planning transform regular trips into awesome ones.

You need to have a visiting itinerary planned from home. This way, you will save valuable time on your trip. For the documenting part, you can use different platforms and applications that provide valuable information.

I use Sygic Travel to discover places to visit and SplitWise to write down the expenses and split them with my travel companions.

Writing an article about your favorite travel applications and platforms will help your readers organize better during their trips.

22. Write Information About Your Expenses and How You Managed Them

This article is beneficial for all the people who plan to visit the same location as you did. This way, they will have an approximate idea regarding the prices and will be able to create a holiday budget.

Providing tips and tricks regarding the way you manage payments is always a good idea. For example, I never exchange money in the local currency. Instead, I prefer to transfer money from my bank account to my Revolut card and withdraw money from Revolut in the local currency.

I don’t mind going to the ATM every day to withdraw money. My method helps me get good exchange rates and doing things this way, and I don’t return home with foreign currency.

23. Write Accommodation Reviews

If you stayed overnight at a nice hotel or house, you should write about your experience there.

This type of article provides a lot of value to your readers.

For example, when I intend to book accommodation, I read the reviews on Booking, but I also search for blog posts. I am confident that bloggers usually speak the truth, and this is why I search for a second opinion.

24. Write About the Local Food

To maximize your holiday experience, I advise you to try the local food. Pizza and french fries are okay, but you can eat those in your hometown as well.

Do proper documentation regarding the local food and try it out. This way, you discover new and tasty food, and you can blog about your culinary experience.

Share with your readers which are the local products you like and recommend nice restaurants and eating places.

25. Make a Top With All the Places Worth Visiting

If you had a nice holiday experience, share it with your readers as well.

Write a “Top places to visit” article based on your experience. This type of content is beneficial for people who do not have too much time to visit the entire city.

This way, they can go directly to nice places and avoid the boring ones.

26. Make a List of Things Everybody Should Know Before Visiting a Destination

To help the others prepare for their trip, write a list of things people should know before visiting a destination.

This kind of detail can transform a good holiday into an awesome one.

For example, advise them to wear comfortable shoes if they visit historical places, list local events they shouldn’t miss, or recommend tasting the local craft beer.

27. Write Reviews for the Museums You Had Visited

Museums are always tricky; they can be either boring or awesome.

Based on your experience, make a list of the museums worth visiting and why and let people know which places they should avoid.

For example, if you visit Bologna, you must go to the Museo per la Memoria di Ustica, but avoid MAMbo — Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna.

28. Write About the Funny Things That Happened During Vacation

It’s always a good idea to entertain your readers and tell them the funny things that happened to you.

For example, if you got caught up in a storm without proper clothing and isolated yourself in a coffee place to wait for the storm to stop, always a nice and funny story to tell.

29. Write Tips and Tricks About How You Take Notes During the Trips for Future Blog Posts

It is sometimes very overwhelming to work on a travel article and struggle to remember details about the places you had visited.

To avoid this, I take notes on my phone when possible, but I also have a notebook where I write down things when my phone has a low battery.

This way, I can transform 7 blogging ideas into a 1500 words article with ease.

30. Make a List of All the Gadgets You Use on Your Trips

I don’t go anywhere without my power bank, the phone charger and two data cables, my camera, my laptop, two memory cards, and one external HDD drive.

Which are the gadgets you use on your trips?

31. Write Bad Experiences in a Positive Manner

Of course, you are allowed to write about the bad aspects of your trip. But instead of complaining and writing angry posts, try to have a positive attitude.

Write how you should have done things better. This will help your readers avoid the situations you had encountered.

32. Write an Article Describing All the Destinations You Recommend

To help the readers decide where they want to go on holiday, you should group the locations you had visited in a single article and provide valuable information regarding why anyone should choose those places.

33. Answer the Questions Posted on Travel Groups if You Have the Right Expertise

If you have a lot of travel experience, you should study all the travel groups’ questions and write articles containing the answers.

It is most likely to ask for advice because it isn’t easy to find accurate information on the internet regarding that topic… If you fill in that void, your article will get a lot of traffic in time.

Generate Content About Your Job Experience

If you have technical and social expertise, why not share it with the world?!

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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34. Write About Your Job Interview

Writing about job interviews is an evergreen topic because many people switch jobs and take part in interviews. Providing valuable and actionable advice will help your readers get the jobs they dream of.

35. Write About the Things You Had Learned in Your First Year at the Job

To provide value to your readers, you should write generic things you had learned in your first year at the job.

Don’t flood the article with technical details because jobs differ from one another. A good topic is why it is important to integrate into the team to maximize your results.

36. Write About the Technical Side of the Job

If you want to write technical articles, try to cover all the things you must do at the job. Don’t write about the company’s sensitive information; describe your job description instead.

This article is precious for people who want to enter the same line of work as you do.

37. Recommend Webinars and Training Programs That Qualify People for a Job Like Yours

If you want to help others prepare for a job in your work line, recommend the training programs you attended to learn the job.

This kind of actionable advice is golden for the people who want to improve their skills and those who want to gain the required skills for such a position.

38. Offer Career and Management Advice

If you have a management position, you should share your knowledge and experience with others.

Providing actionable management and career advice will help others manage some of the situations you had already encountered.

39. Write About the Possible Interview Questions for Your Line of Work

Use your expertise to help others pass interviews from jobs in your line of work.

If you have the required knowledge, write about the possible interview questions and practical answers for them.

40. Write Technical Articles, Tutorials, and How-to Guides

Write technical tutorials and articles that provide solutions for common technical problems.

This way, you will help others working in the same line of work and get lots of organic traffic.

41. Write About Your First Job Experience

The first job is always the hardest, so definitely you should write about it. Provide actionable advice and explain why everybody should accept an entry-level job before they can get a better-paid one.

42. Write About Funny Things That Happened at the Office

If your job is also funny, you should write about this. For example, I always love to read about entertaining situations that took place at people’s jobs.

Some blogging ideas:

  • How you forgot to turn off the camera during an online meeting and your colleagues saw your pajamas
  • How you messed something up and had to explain what happened to the customer
  • How you made pranks to your colleagues.

43. Write About Your Work From Home Experience

If you are working from home, share your experience. Write about the platforms you use or provide tips and tricks for better organizing your home office… There are a lot of things that can be written about WFH.

44. Write About the Soft Skills Required for a Job in the Same Line of Work as Yours

Soft skills are also required at jobs. It’s not enough to have good technical skills if you are incapable of communicating with others, respecting deadlines, or working in teams.

Write about all the soft skills required for the position and provide suggestions regarding how they can be developed.

45. Write About Technology Trends

If you are good with technology, you should write about the latest trends.

This will help you consolidate your personal brand and can bring you future consultancy opportunities.

Generate Content About Books

If you love books, why not generate book-related content?!

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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46. Write Book Reviews

If you are an ambitious reader, you should write reviews of the books you had read.

You can also write about the books you did not enjoy reading and explain why you felt this way. Write such content in a positive manner and provide personal arguments that support your opinion.

Don’t reveal the entire story of the book. Provide reasons why you liked it or explain a certain passage of the book.

47. Write About the First Book You Had Read

I think everybody remembers well the first read book. Write why and when you had read it and provide the reasons you enjoyed it or not.

This kind of article is delightful when read by other booklovers like yourself.

48. Write About Your All-Time Favorite Book

This article should be more than a regular book review. Write about your all-time favorite book, explain why you loved it, and compare it with other books written on the same topic.

This type of article should express emotion and enthusiasm.

49. Organize the Books on Categories and Create Tops

You can create articles like “7 Self-development books I read this year”.

This kind of content has good value for people that want to learn things from books. This way, if they are interested in a certain idea, they can easily discover books from their categories of interest.

Don’t make a mini-review for each book on the list; write about what you enjoyed and learned instead.

50. Write About Your Favorite Characters From the Books

You could always create articles about your favorite book characters and the reasons why you appreciated them.

This type of article draws the attention of other people that love the same characters as you do. Also, this can generate a lot of interactions on both the blog’s comments page and Social Media.

51. Write a List of the Things You Had Learned From Books

Another great content idea is to write an article with all the things you had learned from books and mention the title.

Blogging ideas:

  • 10 Management Books That Helped Me in My Career
  • What I Had Learned After Reading 7 Self-Help Books
  • 5 Books That Will Make You a Better Person

52. Team up With Other Book Bloggers

Interact with other book bloggers and comment on their articles. Also, write articles in response to their content or propose to organize contests together.

Teaming up with other bloggers is always better.

53. Create a Book Instagram Page

Creating a book Instagram page (Bookstagram) will help you promote your content easier and transform random readers into loyal followers.

This will also help you interact with readers.

Provide actionable advice regarding what you did to build a big list of followers or write about the photography methods for taking photos.

Generate Content About Local Events

If you are the type of blogger always present at local events, write about this.

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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54. Describe a Local Event You Attended To

Write about your experience from an event you attended recently. This can be a concert or a local webinar, or anything else.

Provide a lot of details regarding the event. This type of content will help you get invited to lots of local events to blog about them.

55. Write Reviews for the Restaurants and Coffee Places You Like

Blogging about the restaurants and coffee places you went to is always a good idea. Take relevant photos and include them in your article, as well.

Write about the real experience with both pros and cons. Also, don’t forget to mention the prices and some products from the menu.

This will help your readers discover new places but will also enable the business owners to discover you.

In the long term, this type of content can bring you new opportunities.

56. Write a Top Containing All Your Favorite Places From Your City

Writing an article containing all your favorite places from your hometown provides value to everybody that wants to visit your city.

Inform the people regarding the awesome places from your city, the nice food stores, and other tips & tricks only locals know.

This way, all the people that come to your town will have a good time and visit only worth seeing places.

57. Write About Your Experience With the Applications That Help You Discover the City

I have Questo in mind. It is an application that provides scavenger hunts through the city. There are both free and paid missions you can do.

Another similar application is Geocaching. It enables you to discover different objects well hidden in the city.

Using this type of apps, you will get the chance to discover the city and have a lot of fun doing that.

Generate Content That Will Help Your Readers Discover Yourself

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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58. Write About the Funny Things That Happened to You

It is always a good idea to write about the funny things that happened to you. But don’t be too open.

Don’t write on the internet about things that could hurt you in the future. This kind of content will help your readers discover your personality and turn random visitors into loyal supporters.

People follow blogs for the people they write on them also, not only for the content.

59. Write About Your Hobbies

Writing about your hobbies is always a good idea. It will help your readers discover things about themselves.

It is also the best way to interact with people having the same hobbies as you do.

If you are a cat lover, write about your cats. This will bring you a lot of cat lover followers.

60. Write About the Worst Gifts You Had Received

If you had received toilet paper on your 18th birthday, like I did, write a funny blog post about it.

Not only will people notice your sense of humor, but they will also leave comments on the article.

Is there anyone that has never received crappy gifts? I don’t think so.

61. Write About Your Morning Routine

Don’t be shy and share your morning routine with others. Write about the habits that help you have a nice morning, but don’t forget to mention how many times you hit the snooze button, as well.

This article can either amuse people or provide value to those who don’t have good morning routines.

62. Provide Personal Development Tips

If you are the kind of person who learned things the hard way, you should share your experience with others.

By providing personal development tips and actionable advice, you will get the chance to both get noticed and help your readers.

People are tired of random generic tips, but they are always hungry for actionable advice.

63. Provide Professional Development Tips

If you worked in a management position and learned many things about leadership, management, and productivity, it is always good to share your knowledge with the world.

Don’t write lists of generic pieces of advice. Instead, describe scenarios and share the things you had learned by doing.

64. Watch Motivational Content and Write Your Opinions on Your Blog

If you are the type that is always watching TED Talks, you should blog about what you had learned from the videos.

Write a bunch of blogging ideas regarding all the good things you had discovered while watching motivational content. Or even better, you can cover more videos in one single article.

For example, I am a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, and I really enjoy listening to him speak.

65. Talk About Your Short and Long Term Plans

Make a list of all the things you want to achieve, in both the short and the long term.

This type of content will inspire others for sure. If your readers get engaged in the piece of content, you may also discover new things.

This kind of article is a win-win for both you and your readers.

66. Write About Your Biggest Failures and Successes

Don’t write about your failures negatively, and don’t brag too much regarding the things you had achieved.

Provide actionable advice and ways that help others manage their difficult situations. Tell the world how you managed to achieve it and share your methods and learned things when talking about success.

This should be part of any blogging ideas article, trust me.

67. Write About Your Phobias

For example, I have acrophobia. My fear of heights makes me feel sick whenever I go hiking or standing on tall objects.

I had managed to control my fear, and I do respiration exercises whenever I feel sick.

When writing about your fears, provide valuable advice and let others know what you do to control them. Don’t behave like a crybaby. Nobody likes to read about you crying out loud.

Generate Content About the Products You Use and Recommend

If you love buying products, why not write about this?

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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68. Make a List of All the Electronics You Use Every Day or Week

Making a list of all the electronics, you use daily will help others discover new brands and products and bring you affiliate marketing commissions if someone decides to buy things from your list.

In the long term, if you are a fan of Samsung products and write about them, you may get the opportunity to be contacted by a Samsung supplier to create paid reviews.

69. Make a List With All the Gadgets You Use Every Day

On this list, you should include your smartphone, your laptop, your selfie stick, your power bank, maybe Amazon Alexa, and the Echo dot speakers, and other gadgets you use regularly.

Explain to your readers the reasons why all your gadgets are useful.

If your fans discover new and interesting products and buy them using your affiliate marketing links, you will receive a small commission.

The same principle is also available here. If you are a fan of a brand and promote that brand’s products, you may receive the opportunity to write paid content for that brand in the long term.

70. Write Accurate Product Reviews

When you are working on product reviews, always have in mind your readers. Write about both the negative and the positive aspects of the product.

Don’t transform into a hater, but don’t ever try to trick your readers either. Product reviews bring a lot of value if they provide real experiences of using that product.

This will provide great value to your readers, so it definitely should be part of a blogging ideas article.

71. Teach Others How to Choose the Best Products for Their Needs

Write how-to articles describing the details everybody should pay attention to when buying a product.

For example, when you buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you should always pay attention to the product’s weight and battery capacity. The product should allow you to clean up the entire flat without having to recharge the battery.

72. Test Different Software and Applications and Write Reviews

Write reviews about computer software and mobile applications. This content will help others discover new and useful programs and platforms to help them in different situations.

Also, write how you use the software you recommend and why. Combine your personal experience with the product review to provide readers with a better and more complex experience.

73. Write About Your Favorite Camera and Provide Tips

If you like taking photos, you should write about the camera and the photo gear you are using.

Also, try to provide actionable advice for taking better photos.

74. Make a List of All the Applications You Use at Work

If you are working from home, provide your readers a list of the applications you use to communicate better and be more productive.

Make a list of the main application’s features, but also provide actionable advice. Write about the reasons why you use the app, how you use it and how it helps.

75. Write About Your Favorite Board Games

Writing about board games and card games that can be played in the house is always a good idea.

In the long term, writing content about games can bring you sponsored articles regarding different products for kids. Think of this as if it were an investment in your blog.

Generate Content About the Current Events

If you attend local events, write about your experience.

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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76. Write Opinions About the Current News

If you are the type of person that is always well informed and reads the press a lot, you should comment upon the news you read.

Don’t simply rewrite the pieces of news you read. Provide actionable information based on them, instead.

For example, don’t write about some random guy that drove drunk and hit a wall with the car. Start with that news and provide good reasons while nobody should drink and drive.

77. Write About Your Work From Home Experience

If you are currently working from home, write about your experience. Don’t try to make a technical article; provide emotional facts instead.

You can always write about the tricks you use to organize your house office, how you miss the interaction with your colleagues, and other things like this.

This type of articles provide awesome blogging ideas, trust me.

78. Write About the Current Trends

If, for example, you are good with technology and study everything that happens, write about your findings.

Provide valuable opinions and personal interpretations of the things you read. This will enable others to see you as the expert you are regarding those subjects.

Generate Content About Movies

If you love watching movies, blog about your habit. Use movies as blogging ideas.

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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79. Write About Your Favorite Movies

Writing movie reviews is always a good idea, but a lot of people already do that.

Combine your movie review with the reasons why you loved it. Also, let your audience know why you recommend the movie and what they can learn from it.

80. Write Movie Reviews

If you are the type of person that watches movies a lot, write short views about them. Include both negative and positive aspects.

Also, the good idea is to compare the movie with similar titles. This way, it will be easier for the readers to figure out if they should watch that movie or not.

This is one of the easiest blogging ideas on the list.

81. Make a List of Your All-Time Favorite Movies

Making a list of your all-time favorite movies will help others discover good movies they did not see before.

If you are writing about famous movies, everybody knows the plot already. Instead, let your readers know the reasons why you love those movies and why you would watch them again.

82. Make Lists of Movies From the Same Categories

Also, another worth mentioning idea is to make lists of movies from the same category.

Some examples:

  • 10 romance movies I love
  • 7 movies to watch with your kids
  • My favorite 9 thriller and psychological movies

This type of content provides value to your readers because it helps them discover more worth watching movies. Also, it can turn random readers into loyal supporters.

Do you think this is a good blogging idea?

83. Make a List of Things You Learned From Movies

Making a list of things you had learned from movies is yet another good idea. The proper movies can become easy to understand life lessons.

Some movies teach us things about hope, love, relationships, high school, et cetera. Making such a list will add value to the movie content you already have on your blog.

For example, I wrote an article about the leadership skills of Raymond Reddington from The Black List. It became viral in a short period of time.

84. Write About the Movie Characters

For example, I had written a detailed article about all the characters from Netflix’s Casa de Papel.

I shared my opinion regarding each of the characters and stated clearly which is my favorite.

This type of content is exciting for the people that also enjoyed the movie you had written about.

Generate Content About Social Media and Photography

If you love posting content on Social Media, share your most guarded tips & tricks.

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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85. Write Actionable Advice Regarding Social Media Platforms

If you are popular on Social Media, provide actionable advice for other users to grow their networks.

You can write about how to gain more followers, how to manage a community, how to get more interactions for your posts… the sky is the limit.

The internet is full of tips & tricks, but many of them do not provide actionable advice.

86. Create How-to Guides for the Photo Editing Platforms You Use

If you use Canva or other online platforms for creating graphic content, create how-to guides and tutorials.

This type of actionable advice provides value to the readers and helps them enhance their skills. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to be able to create graphics for Social Media.

87. Teach Others How to Take Awesome Photos

If you are good at taking photos, share your experience with others. Write materials that teach your readers how to take better photos.

Don’t write general tips; provide actionable advice instead.

I added this to the blogging ideas list because blogging is better when you insert awesome photos.

88. Write About the Applications You Use for Editing Photos Directly on the Phone

If you are using applications such as Snapseed, share your experience and provide actionable advice.

This kind of application will enable you to transform good photos into great ones.

89. Write About the Software You Use to Optimize Your Blog Photos

For example, I resize all my photos with the free version of XnConvert before uploading them on the hosting.

I like this software because it allows me to do batch operations to modify many photos simultaneously.

This type of content is valuable for bloggers and regular users who want to perform basic photo manipulation.

90. Write Content Optimized for Social Media

If you want to increase your follower base, write content optimized for Social Media.

Blog articles are different than Facebook posts. While long articles perform well on websites, Facebook content should be condensed and optimized for the platform.

Random Blogging Ideas:

I did not know how to categorize the below ideas.

100 Things You Can Do When You Don’t Have Blogging Ideas
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91. Start a Podcast

If you enjoy speaking, why not start a podcast? This will help others discover you and see you as an expert on your niche.

The easiest way to do this is to invite friends and specialists to talk about different subjects.

Should this be on a blogging ideas list? I think so…

92. Start a Vlog

If you are good at creating video content and are comfortable talking on screen, you should start a Vlog.

Try to create short and condensed videos at first, and keep in mind that your own performance also counts, not just the information you provide.

93. Generate TikTok Content

If you are funny enough, create TikTok videos. This is a good channel that can boost your following base.

94. Create Infographics to Promote Your Content on Pinterest

Despite being neglected by some, Pinterest is a powerful platform that can drive readers to your blogs.

A good approach is to create infographics for Pinterest and link them with your blog posts. This is not a blogging idea, but it’s totally worth it.

This may seem that should not be part of a blogging ideas article, but blogging isn’t just about writing on a blog.

95. Promote the Services and Products You Use Regularly

Writing about the products and services you use regularly is always a good idea.

You would be doing it for free at first, but you can get the opportunity to create paid content and promote the same services you wrote about for free in the long term.

This will also bring value to your readers; they will get the chance to discover new and awesome products and services.

96. If You Are a Gamer, Start Broadcasting on Twitch

If you like gaming and are comfortable speaking in front of big audiences, I recommend you start broadcasting on Twitch.

This can facilitate you to become popular and to grow a fan base real quick.

97. Write About Your Dream Destination

If you could move tomorrow anywhere in the world, what destination would you choose and why?

This type of content will generate a lot of interactions and will make your readers dream.

98. Imagine You Would Interview Your Childhood Idol

I still wait for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to answer my interview request… Joking.

This is a fun idea you can implement easily.

99. Write About Your First Public Speaking Experience

Write about the first time you had to talk in public and how you managed the entire experience.

Provide actionable advice.

100. Organize an Ask Me Anything Session on Your Social Media Pages

Organizing an AMA will help you discover which are the things your fans want to discover about yourself. This should definitely be part of any blogging ideas list.

101. Test different passive income apps

People are interested in making easy money, so documented articles about passive income apps should be part of any blogging ideas article. Personally, I recommend HoneyGain.

Bottom Line:

In 10 years of blogging, I had learned that blogging is not only about the writing process itself.

To generate good content, you also need to do proper documentation and organize your ideas. Do you have other blogging ideas you would like to share with others?


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